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Criminal Justice consulting services

My goal is to help you succeed!

Law & Order Consulting is headed by retired Chicago Deputy Chief and Vietnam veteran, Joe Gandurski. Joe has over 30 years experience in the Criminal Justice field. In his capacity as a police executive, serving as Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, Joe learned the financial, procedural, and organizational structure of the second largest police department in the United States.

In his positions as detective, hostage negotiator, and mounted patrol commanding officer, Joe developed the organizational, investigative, and operational expertise to provide professional consulting services to every level of law enforcement.


Joe is also an award-winning actor, writer, producer, with extensive experience in the entertainment business.


His expertise brings together experience in urban law enforcement and criminal justice on the local and federal levels to offer law enforcement consulting services to the public and private sector.


Add a vast personal network of associates to include: high ranking individuals in city, state and federal jurisdictions throughout the United States, such as: the FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, DEA, and those with specialized expertise to include: white collar crime: computer forensics, fingerprints, fraud, arson, airport security and private security as well, and there is a wellspring of knowledge to tap into. Joe is a current member of the FBINAA (the FBI National Academy Associates), a global network of law enforcement.     

Joe understands these are your organizations, each with its own organizational culture. He is acutely aware of financial constraints, demands for increased accountability, and the need to operate successfully in a dynamically changing and multi-cultural environment.  He will tailor services to your needs, be it on site consulting, video conferencing, group or individual leadership instruction, or proposal review. He is flexible, and more than willing to help your vision become reality.  




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