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  • Active Shooter training, Morgan Park Academy, Chicago Il, provided state required active shooter training.

  • Management Inspection and Analysis, Gaineseville, Florida Police Department-in conjunction with N.O.B.L.E and Hillard Heintze, LLC., developed comprehensive management and training recommendations.

  • Assistant project manager, mortgage fraud investigation, Hillard Heintze, LLC., supervised analysis and investigation of potential mortgage fraud on 2500 cases.


  • Subject Matter Expert, Pearson Worldwide publications, reviewed both on line and on ground criminal justice courses offered by Pearson clients. 

  • Ad hoc consulting services for individual police, law enforcement and education professionals, to include federal,  state and local executives.  

Writing, Publications, Productions 

The Women of Fort Dearborn

This work highlights the heroic endeavors of the women of Fort Dearborn during the evacuation of the fort and subsequent attack by hostile Indians in 1812. Available on Amazon:

Gino Genola--The Slick Boys

Screenwriter:  Joe Gandurski

Genre:  Police Drama, Dark Comedy


“Guess who’s coming to the murder?” Gino Genola is the first black detective assigned to an all-white “family” of blue collar detectives in Chicago in the ‘80s. He is teamed up with an old school detective on a brutal gang homicide, and in his journey, which takes him through bizarre situations and off-beat characters, he learns how to struggle with his own alcoholism as well as how to cope with complex issues in a racially- charged environment.

Devil's Dynasty

Screenwriter: Joe Gandurski

Genre: Drama, Thriller


A police commander’s lover is brutally murdered. His quest for revenge takes him to Brazil where he becomes entwined in an emerging neo-Nazi movement to dominate the world.  


Crime Report

Joe Gandurski wrote and delivered a Crime Report segment for TouchVision News, which appeared nationally on Cable and on the Internet. 

I have worked on the following entertainment projects: 


   Feature Films






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