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About Joe Gandurski

Criminal Justice consulting services


Joe Gandurski grew up near the stock yards on Chicago's South Side. After serving in Military Intelligence in the US Army in Vietnam, Joe joined the Chicago Police Department. There he served in a variety of assignments to include: Tactical, Mounted Officer, Hostage Negotiator and Detective. He retired after rising through the ranks to Deputy Chief of Detectives and Organized Crime. Joe also received an MA in Education from Saint Xavier University.

As Deputy Chief of Detectives, Joe was responsible for overseeing criminal investigations for the entire northern half of the city of Chicago. Some noteworthy investigations with federal implications included included:

  • The Christmas eve kidnaping of a baby from the Greyhound Bus Station.

  • The murder of a disabled nurse by a doctor facing Medicare fraud charges.

  • The murder of a homeless man by individuals involved in financial fraud.

As Deputy Chief of Organized Crime, Joe was responsible for gang, drug, and narcotic operations as well as Intelligence and vice operations post 9/11. He participated in joint terrorism exercises to include: the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue and participated in several intelligence and terrorist related investigations. Joe was also a member of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force as well as the Illinois State Crime Lab Advisory Board.       

After  retiring from the department, Joe studied writing, and acting for several years, and appeared in several theatrical productions, then independent films, where he also helped produce "Chasing Robert". Joe has also done script consulting, written screenplays, and has appeared on TV in "Criminal Minds" and in feature films, such as "Cesar Chavez" with John Malkovich. Joe recently wrote and produced an award -winning short film, "RPG" which was created to focus on the "ripple" effects of loss and encourage communication between the veteran and civilian populations. 

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