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Chicago Blue

As you celebrate this Memorial Day weekend please remember those in our Armed Forces who have paid the ultimate price. They lie in peace on sacred ground all over the world. Especially remember those who died alone, sick at heart, many captured, tortured, starved and murdered. Through their sacrifice we sit in peace with our loved ones on this beautiful weekend. Be they never forgotten.

Also please keep in mind the hundreds of thousands of police officers on every level of Law Enforcement: Men, women, Black, White, Hispanic who are working this Memorial Day all over our beloved land. Many of them are veterans also who have given much of themselves in service.

Please pray for all of our men and women in every uniform so that they may persevere, and endure these troubled times. That they not yield to fear and hatred and injustice. Pray that every one of the citizens in the United States comes to understand that though they may act gruff and sometimes seem insensitive, without any doubt in my mind most would lay down their lives for them as been proven every year. Pray they are delivered safely to their families.

OK, I'm done here. Stay safe.


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