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Citizenship--for good citizens

Here's an idea, leave it to Israel. They are moving to revoke the citizenship of ISIS operatives who are citizens of Israel. So I suggest considering the same here. If you are found to be supporting terrorism in any form, let's initiate citizenship revocation and forfeiture of all firearms. Citizenship should be more than a birthright, it should be a revocable privilege.

Citizenship in some contexts implies not only rights but also duties. It should be thought of as a two-way street of protections by government and responsibilities by its citizens. What document or law suggests that it is irrevocable? A quick research of the subject suggests that US citizenship can be revoked only from foreign born citizens. Certainly if citizens of the United States can renounce their US citizenship why can't the government revoke citizenship for egregious or repeated violations of it's laws? Philosophically, the concept of citizenship seems to be somewhat flexible and follows principles that try to balance rights and obligations.

The power of determining citizenship lies in the First Amendment of the Constitution with Congress having the power to regulate citizenship.

Interestingly some Muslim countries rarely grant citizenship to non-Muslims. One that grants citizenship to athletes requires them to profess the Islamic faith. I am not suggesting anything like that here because I am very aware that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are good people. However, it seems that it's only fair that those who repeatedly contribute to causing mayhem and financial disaster on both ends of the spectrum in our society defend their right to citizenship. That includes everyone from those with terrorist ties, to traitors who divulge classified information, to white collar criminals who bilk people out of millions, to violent repeat criminals as well.

Just think, citizen revocation hearings could take place concurrent with criminal trials with a civil burden of proof. Among other penalties, hardened criminals would be denied citizenship. Additionally, revocation hearings could take place concurrent with findings of government investigations of terrorist involvement.

Lose your citizenship and then go find someplace you think is better.

I'm done here. Stay safe.

Joe Gandurski

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