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I am really sick and fed up with this "protest" over the National Anthem by these spoiled brat pampered ungrateful ignorant athletes. Now the entire Seattle High School football team kneeled during the Anthem.Yes, I respect your right to free expression, but I respect those who have died defending that right. If you are taught by some professor that the anthem glorifies war and the oppression of this country then ask them to listen to the words. It remarks that despite the bombardment the flag still flew symbolizing the fortitude of the defenders. Then there are two questions asked that every American should ask every day. Does that flag still wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave?

In my opinion the answer is "no" it does not, the land of the free is being hijacked by radical special interests focused only upon their own agendas. The only free are the super wealthy and those who expect a handout for everything while never being satisfied with the tremendous opportunities offered to everyone, and understanding that prosperity is not your birthright. Opportunity is. It is to you to search your soul to ask what you individually are doing to grab those opportunities and improve life around you. If your life is screwed up, maybe a trip to the mirror is warranted.

Your misguided "symbolic" gesture means nothing to anyone who has earned their place in this society by being educated, and by serving to make your life and everyone else's life better through positive actions. I don't blame the high school players.

You want to kneel during the anthem fine, do it after you serve in the military or with law enforcement and then you have the right to do what you wish. So to the players in the NFL who have started this debacle, you mean nothing, your gesture means nothing, your influencing of youth is less than neutral because it is harmful to provide such a pathetic example to young minds.

Finally the other question posed by the anthem is "does that flag wave over the "home of the brave?" The answer in my opinion is "no" because the true brave souls lie in national cemeteries, suffer from PTSD and grind their way through life after witnessing the horrors of war, or they live their lives every day in the places where no one wants to go in order to protect those poor and timid good souls who live daily in fear of the beasts who have hijacked their freedoms. The new heroes are the criminals, the rioters, the screamers and chronic complainers who suck the freedom out of this country. Those who have destroyed every system meant to provide a measure of justice by overwhelming them and then demanding they be re-made in their favor with no accountability for their actions. Some moron TV personality said, "Its not you're country." Wrong, it is my country because I've made it my country, through hard work and tears and I will not let anyone hijack it from me.

So sit down, lay down, do what you wish. I will stand with my hand over my heart until I can no longer stand because I appreciate those who have gone before and who have suffered and died, those of all colors: Black, White, whatever, enduring millions of casualties to conquer slavery and to ensure the freedom of our peoples through two World Wars. Rant out!

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