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History; an Effective Blueprint

StartFragmentTwo brothers: Darren and Darell Sorrell were arrested and charged with the murder of Dwayne Wade's cousin who died when she was shot in the head while pushing a baby stroller. Both were parolees with extensive violent criminal pasts and had recently been released. They were also members of the Gangster Disciples. Apparently signing their parole papers and receiving warnings about continued criminal behavior wasn't enough to have them immediately pick up right where they left off. Apparently, three years in prison for crimes wasn't enough to warn them away from a life of violent crime. Think for a minute. There is an agreement with Iran which will allow them to develop nuclear capability. During the pending of the agreement they repeatedly violated the terms of the provisions of the then current agreement. You would think that fear of losing that agreement would have absolutely stopped any aggressive behavior on the part of Iran but it didn't. Why? Because they understand that there are no consequences for their behavior and like Nazi Germany before WWII they believe that America is going forward with this agreement out of fear and weak resolve and that a n agreement will stop their unfettered march toward nuclear weapons. Weapons which will allow them to reach their avowed goal of destroying Israel and the United States. No harassment of US Naval ships would have ever taken place without their sanction. That includes the completely embarrassing seizure and holding of our Naval personnel. So we have shown that we will allow these violent and threatening incursions and tests of our will to ensure the safety and integrity of our Navy with impunity. This kid glove attitude has time and time again proven disastrous in the long run. From the Marine barracks, to the USS Cole. Unfortunately you can't ask the naval personnel on the ships how they feel because they are prohibited from speaking about it. But I can assure you that they sleep less sound at night then they would if those ships had been taken and destroyed and their operators held. Finally, the very fact that we have many military installations on foreign soil strengthens the idea that we need to be diligent in protecting the lives of those who defend those installations. Innefective responses encourage further incursions. Recent flybys by the Russians, harassment of our ships and planes by Iran bolster the notion that the resolve of the United States is weak. These are all tests, just as the first bombing of the World Trade Center was a test of what we were willing to do to stop radical Islam. 111 of 532 Guantanamo arrestees have returned to the battlefield with 74 others suspected of doing so. Some people don't understand anything but the harsh blunt force it takes to stop them. Anything less is seen as foolish weakness by their sworn enemy whom they seek to destroy. Whether it is the domestic terrorism of the Sorrell brothers or radical Islamic terrorists. We are bringing new lives into a world that will be less safe for them. Period.EndFragment

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